Silovanje, the Lords of Northern Rapegore have unleashed their grotesque debut album on Grindhead Records. Hailing from Adelaide and featuring members of the cult grindcore outfit Captain Cleanoff (as well as Kosher Clinic and Apocalypse), Silovanje play a brutal brand of cyber gore/grind influenced by Australian contemporaries Fuck... I'm Dead alongside Mortician, Disgorge, Gut, Beheaded and Abuse.

These twelve tracks of break-neck depraved gore and grind brutality make a must-have piece of vomit-inducing gored out sickness for fans of fast-paced, high-energy, uncompromising and ruthlessly sadistic gore. The group describe their sound as "somewhat similar to a woman getting raped with a rusty pickaxe".

Available now for $12 AUD (within Australia) or $10 USD (worldwide).


Tartarean Desire

Australia is certainly making a name for itself, metal-wise. In my opinion, it’s arguably one of the top ten countries of the genre, boasting recognizable artists such as Astriaal, Destroyer 666, Bestial Warlust, Blood Duster, and so forth. Needless to say, I’m diggin’ the Down Under right about now. Consequently, when Silovanje’s “Taste of Death” was sent my way, I was rather excited. Silovanje is a relatively fresh brutal grind/death project hailing from Adelaide, with Sam from Berzerker on guitar, and influences that run the gamut from Regurgitate and Devourment to G.G. Allin. ToD is their first full-length release, by way of Aussie super-label Grindhead Records. As far as the album goes, I have some good news, and some bad news.

Bad news first: I have essentially the same problem with Silovanje as I do with countrymen Fuck... I’m Dead- MORE so with Silovanje in fact- with that problem being the blatant, horribly sterile sounding drum machines. Admittedly, I’m not much of a fan of drum machines myself, but anyone with ears would be displeased with that systematic, mundane thud of the double bass, the unbelievably ridiculous sounding high hat, and not to mention the fact that at certain (particularly speedy) parts, they all devolve into a hideously artificial and indistinct blur. Now I’m not saying this is the case with ALL of the songs, as a matter of fact the drum programming fits rather well in some, even many of the tracks. And you do tend to get used to it after a while. All I’m saying is that in the instances that it doesn’t fit so well, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and there will never be a drum machine that can take the place of a flesh and blood drummer.

Now for the good news! Taste of Death has a rather crushing, yet pleasingly clean sound to it. The production is favorable, and with the exception of the drum programming, the music is great. The riffs pulverize, and the raw, guttural vocals complement the menagerie quite nicely. The songs are short and sweet (twelve songs collectively spanning just under twenty minutes); the perfect length for bringing the pain, without prolonging it to the point of monotony. Rhythms and tempos are switched up regularly, never becoming repetitive in the slightest. And they were even nice enough to throw in some snazzy electronic industrial-esque parts to please all the Battlestar Galactica fans!

Overall, “Taste of Death” is a great example of modern brutal death metal/grindcore. I still think that an actual drummer would bring so much more to this, but luckily the music redeems itself in other aspects. It’s original, it’s brutal, and with songs like “I Raped a Rapist”, “There’s a Time to Rape”, and the eloquently named “Bitch”, it’s downright entertaining. If you’re in the mood for twenty minutes of some good ol’ cyber gore, don’t pass this up.


Metal Revolution

Silovanje, which means ‘rape’ in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language, is one of the most brutal death grind bands down under. Taste of Death is band’ debut album, a very short one, but very intense, brutal and interesting. There’re a few things I like about this album. First I like the guitar attack performed by guitarist Sam, contributing with fuller and thicker sound.

From the very beginning of the album the guitars are in front, being heavy and brutal. Interesting enough there’re quite few solos on this release, which is unusual for this kind of music. I also like pure, powerful and raw vocals esp. on tracks like “I raped the rapist” and “Silovanje”. On the other hand I’m not a big fan of this form for programmed drums. Lyrically speaking the band is cliché, singing about rape, sex, violence, death and other ‘brutal’ topics.

The band reminds me a lot of some of the 90s American brutal bands such Cannibal Corpse, The Berzerker and Dying Fetus. In general I liked Taste of Death a lot being overall a very decent and nice grind album. I can highly recommend you to check these guys out esp. if you’re a fan of above mentioned bands.

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